Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sometimes We Win. Sometimes We Lose But Hopelessness Is Not An Option.

Have you ever felt sorry for yourself because you thought life was being unfair to you? if yes, join the club. You are not alone. However, be warned, don't stay in this club for too long because I just changed my mind. I am checking out and I mean right now. Why not come with me?

I work in an industry where, for every yes, you will most likely have received 10 NO's. Oh yes, that's journalism for you baby. Its unfair, its not nice but that's just life.

I have had one of those weeks, you know, where you try to do all you know to do in order to get ahead and today, I was this close to throwing in the towel and then I remembered it isn't so bad afterall. The truth is, I'm not the only one feeling despondent today.

There are others in the same boat. While I don't know if they decided to pack it in, I refuse to let one person's rejection of my idea keep me down. That's right, he rejected my idea not me. I am still here. Hence, I can go on and repackage that same idea because there is a million possibilities that someone out there will love it.

That's how we should see life. When people reject our ideas, even reject us. Its okay, their loss not ours. I say take that time to learn and regroup. Sometimes, departure is necessary for discovery.

So the editor I pitched to tells me the idea hasn't got an angle that is distinctive enough. Well, I am distinctive and unique, so, I'll go ahead and find an angle that is distinctive for another editor right? What he sid hurts but it could have been worse and he was nice. He was fair. I couldn't have asked for more.

Right now, I have two other options to explore and that's why I'm up this late to see what can become of this idea.

Malorie Blackman had 82 rejection letters before a publisher took her on and today she has over 50 books to her name. So, who am I to give up if she kept going?

I am all that and much more, so I refuse to give up.

That is the key to success, never giving up and staying relentless in the game of life.

Just like the image above, there is so much more to look up to. Stop bowing your head and start looking up.


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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

How far Is Too far?

No news is good news but there comes a time when one has to question the sanity of the society we live in. I picked up the newspaper this morning and the first thing that caught my attention was the fact that our government is making proposals for abortions to be carried out by GPs.

I admit, I felt sick and angry. Angry because our babies are having babies and now we want to make it easier for them to go out, get laid and get rid of it. Don't get me wrong, there are those who say they do it for legitimate reasons and I am not here to question right or worng. That's not to say I sanction abortion. I am dead against it. However, there are cases where individuals felt they had no choice. I am not heartless to the extent where I won't understand when a woman who has been raped by a stranger says she can't stand to keep a baby conceived in the most terrifying hours of her life. It certainly isn't my place to judge.

But there comes a time when we have to draw the line somewhere. It was okay when it was legalised, we thought it would end there. Just how far are we going to go before we realise we are making laws and allowing things that are not helpful but rather harmful. Making it so easy means there are lives at risk, what happens when things go wrong? There are doctors accordinbg to the news stories in the papers today, who are concerned about this.

Is this what we elected this government for? To take us from bad to worse. Forgive me once again because I'm from the old school of life and I will not apologise for it. We make it easy for our children to get guns and knives, and what did we end up with, a spree of knife and gun crimes. When we decided certain drugs were no longer Class A drugs, we made more junkies out of our citizens.

These laws are introduced to make things better but I for one, am yet to see any changes. Is it me or is there anyone else out there, who thinks its time to get back to the basics of what makes us a society? Doing what is right, so our future generations can emulate the trend. Right now we are perpetuating a generational genocide in the name of a free society but are we really free or have we become slaves to the liberation we claim to have?

It isn't until people kill each other for the sake of superiority over each other that we have a genocide in our hands. It starts with the daily decisions we are making as a nation that is gradually leading us down the path of what will claim lives if care is not taken.

There are different stages of abrotion and when a doctor is allowed to carry out one but when its now okay to walk into your local GP surgery and get one, then something has definitely gone wrong somewhere. It is even worse when you realise that the highest rate of abortion carried out in 2005 was among 19 year olds. That ought to make the heart of any mother bleed because they most likely had no say in the decision making process. Yes, a 19 year old is an adult but your baby will always be your baby and no matter how much you let go, you still want to protect them. Does a 19yr old woman fully understand the impact of her actions, the possibility of the guilt and shame and not to mention, the emptiness and loneliness she will feel afterwards?

This madness has got to stop. A free society is great but when that same free society becomes a slave of freedom, then we have a major problem.

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