Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Whole lotta Political Stuff

There's a whole lot going on in my head right now. I'm wondering, who the next American president will be? A new survey shows 19 per cent of Americans are not ready for a black president. I say wake up baby, its the eight year of the new millenium and you ain't see nothing yet.

This is the first of many surprises to come your way. You best get with the programme.

I have never been one to get political because I think politics is a dirty business but the last time I checked, democracy is government of the people by the the people and for the people. So, I best get with it and voice my opinion because I am affected by their f**king damn policies.

I have always been a big fan of the Clintons and I still like Bill Clinton despite his track record. I don't care if he slept with anyone in the Oval office. Was he good at his his job? You bet and that is what matters to me.

Did he have a heart? You bet. Was he wrong, oh hell yes but do I condemn him? No. We are humans and make mistakes. Did he deserve the witchhunters who went after him? No, it was a bloody waste of time and tax payers money because he is still alive, the CLINTON name is still ringing big on our televsion screens and newspapers but I wonder what became of Ken Star? Not sure if that's the right name but that tells you how obselete he is. I don't even remember his name. The damn f**ker!

Anyhow, before I was rudely interuppted by that name, Ken Star. I think the Clintons do a great job selling their story to us. Well, Hillary does. However, recent times have shown a different side to her that I don't like. The one which shows me a woman, who is a high achiever, I respect that. The politician that cries in public, I like that. The one that fights for children and women, I like that. The Hillary who gets the crowd going, I like that but what I don't appreciate is the way she took Obama's gaffe and turned it into a media circus. I don't like.

So, he said what he said about the working class of Pennsylvania. I am no American citizen but there is a lot to think about on that. Was he right? I don't know. Is there any truth to it? You be the judge.

Now, please, don't get me wrong. I am in no way insinuating that what he said was right. I don't think it was wrong either. But is there some element of truth to it? You be the judge once again.

However, based on Obama's slogan, if you want change, you must be willing to let go of the things that hold you back in order to attain the things in your future that you so desire right?

Now, that said, he rightly apologised and admitted it was wrong judgement. But no, my one time nice Hillary won't let it go. She drummed on it until the drums just couldn't hear themselves.

Then I thought, she ain't so innocent after all. She is a bulldog and knows how to fight dirty.

Yes, that comes with the arena of polictics but that is also what I hate about it. They tell you sweet things to get your votes, fight dirty, know how to paint an image but when it really comes down to it, you will be surprised how fast that mask can come off.

Then again, nothing surpises me much about politicians these days. They are not so superhuman afterall. They are flesh and blood like you and I. Give them a break.

This is where I ask, is Obama really about to make history? Well, so far he has. I mean, he has gone way further than Shirley Chisholm or Jesse Jackson in their bid for presidency and I am liking Barry a whole lot.

Fair to state he has done a few tihngs I don't appreciate. When Donnie McClurkin was attacked in the press because of his statements about homosexuality, Barry went the opposite way. He missed the point on that in my opinion. You can't please both sides. Donnie wasn't attacking anyone. He was simply telling his story and stating what he belived. I thought that is what freedom of expression was all about. Now if you are tyring to get black folks, who love the good Lord God almighty to vote for you. Please don't treat their role model like he is the devil. Selah!

All he said was, 'What people do in their bedroom is their business.' I agree. There is enough dirty laundry out there. Keep your personal business your personal business.

We all need to learn to respect each other and our differences even if you don't like it. You respect it. That is what Human Right is all about right? Live and let's live but we must learn to respect each other.

Oh well, before I deviated, the jury is still out on Barry. Until he gets there and starts doing what he promised, I won't tell you anymore.

All I am saying is, we are seeing things we would never have seen 50 years ago and in my opinion, that's good.

Personally, I'm sick and tired of folks who say the right things to get paid while a minority group in society gets played. If you have a problem with that go f**k yourself.

For now, I am keeping my eyes and ears open to see how Hillary and Barry play this out because it has dragged on for way too long. I mean, even the damn Republicans know how to get it over and done with, and in time. Then again, I don't respect anyone who quits. So keep the good fight going. Selah!

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