Monday, January 05, 2009

The Journey - 1

We are in 2009 and I am sure we all have plans for the year. Things we want to do and all that we would like to achieve. Without a doubt, we should be on the move. As for me, I'm looking back at my journey and smiling because I am finally at that place where I know it will all work out fine. Not just fine but great because I have a great destiny and a big job to do.

I wish I could say all I want to in one go but I am going to spread it out. For now I will give a teaser.

A friend asked me not long ago if my new job was my dream job?

I remember saying to her...I'm taking steps and actions to make it my dream job.

I personally feel your dream job is one that offers a lot of things including financial security and fulfillment.

However, with the rapid change going on around us... that might be a challenge for some.

Besides, your dream job is when you own the business you have always wanted and make all the decisions you have always wanted. Feel free to disagree but there is a big chance that that are a varied number of definitions to what your dream job is.

Waking up at 4:30am to start at 6am might not be your dream job but that's what I have had to do recently to get one step up and learn what I need to learn.

Looks like I was ahead of my time. Today, my steps and actions paid off. Not in a million years did I dream of this but here we are.

My 2009 is going to be great and my journey to success in life is going to be awesome.

Who would have thought that a feature written by me would make it to the BBC International news page let alone be on the Africa homepage.

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