Thursday, December 03, 2009

What’s The Value Of A Woman's Worth: The Tiger Woods Saga!

Everyone is quick to jump and ask that we cut off his balls for cheating! I don't for one second agree that what he did was right. You don't disrespect and humiliate your wife and the mother of your children like that. That is just not on. A man who cheats, lies and once that trust is gone; hell, it takes the rest of your life to make up for it. Zip up Tiger!

For the men, it is wrong that we have come so far yet we haven't learnt our lessons. So, he is Tiger on the golf course and a tiger with women...ra, ra, he is not the first and sure won't be the last. I'm not trying to make light of the situation but we all know it’s the truth. Men cheat and women cheat, it has been that way since time in memorial and hell, it will be like that for as long as we as individuals keep disrespecting ourselves and others by dipping it low with other people’s husband and wives.

Women all over are hissing and cursing, calling him names like they are the ones married to him? You all better sit tight and look after your own husbands/the men you are dating. Shine your eyes and learn. Lay off the Tiger and stop generalising that all men are dogs. There are good men, I know some.

Men are saying, he is only human, lousy excuse. Of course we know he is human, what else could he be? Have you heard of cheating animals? Even if you have, are those animals accountable to each other, their offspring’s or anyone else? Let's take into account there are kids in the middle of this saga! And please, don’t get me started on the media, who are having way too much fun with the fact that the purest man they all look up just fell.

So, who is at fault? Tiger Woods, the tiger on the golf course and in the bedroom department, well some say he was not all that or the lousy women who are coming out of the shit hole they have been hiding while secretly sucking and licking the tiger? They are all at fault and should all take responsibility for their actions. That’s what adults do right?

I am really tired of these women that come out and tell all because they feel hard done-by. Suck it up! You knew he was married when you started sucking on him. Silly!

Oh, he came after me! You have legs, a head on your shoulders and eyes to see, why didn't you run? How can you know a man is married and still open your legs to him? I may sound naive but we women need to take responsibility for ourselves and the part we play in breaking homes. It takes two. A man is married, with kids and you are still servicing him. Playing second best, tells me you don't know your own worth and are happy to be second best, getting second rate phone calls, second rate love, second rate sex and quickies and when he is done with you, gets into bed with his number one woman, his wife. Getting two for the price of one because you forgot that you are so good and can have your own man and need not share with another woman.

So, he has kids and you too dream of having his baby, are you going to give birth to Jesus? Because no way in hell will your child overtake his first child. Stop dreaming that having his child is the seal of approval you need to confirm he loves you.

We are all responsible for our actions. How can a grown woman say he seduced her? Oh shut your fri**ing mouth and take responsibility. You should be ashamed that you gained fame for being known as a man’s mistress, becoming the postal girl for women who cheat and break homes. To make things worse, you sell your story for money. Shame on you. With all due respect, what difference is there between you and a prostitute because you are offerring a service and making money.

The Tiger needs to stop being pathetic, zip up his trousers and only get down with his wife. Maybe when we start respecting ourselves as women and start respecting the space and home of our fellow women and sisters; maybe fewer homes will be destroyed.

Susan L. Taylor, one of my favourite women in the world says it best when she said, “Joining a man in disrespecting another woman by having an affair with him undermines our dignity and integrity. Our wholeness and happiness depend on right choices and right behaviour. We have truly lost the key to our own home when we choose a lover who must slip away in the middle of the night or when we settle for filling a gap in a man’s broken marriage. We can’t build a happy life on someone else’s misery. Karma is real: What goes around does, indeed, comes around.”

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Susan L Taylor Quote from the book, 'All About Love: Favourite Selections From In The Spirit On Living Fearlessly'